5 Reasons It’s Still Worth Buying Video Game Consoles At Launch

11.07.13 4 years ago 15 Comments

So, we have two new video game consoles coming out over the next couple weeks, which means you’re going to be seeing a lot of “Why You Should Wait To Buy The Xbox One/PS4!” articles online, because, well, duh. Buying a console at launch is a fairly terrible idea for a number of pretty obvious reasons — it’s expensive, there aren’t many games to play and so on and so forth. The logical, sane thing to do is to wait on the Xbox One and PS4.

That said, there’s still an undeniable appeal to buying a new console at launch. Here’s five reasons you don’t necessarily need to feel bad about wanting to buy an Xbox One or PS4 this year…

You’re Getting The Most Feature-Rich Version Of The System

Game systems may go down in price as they age, but they also have a tendency to shed features. All those extra ports in the back evaporate one by one, cheaper materials are subbed in and don’t expect any sort of backwards compatibility to last for long. The console may get cheaper and more compact as time passes, but it usually doesn’t get better.

gammasquadlaunch2I don’t know if this game’s actually any good, but I sure played a lot of it.

The Joy of Launch Titles

Looking back, a lot of my most fondly remembered games are launch titles. Launch titles (or launch window titles) aren’t always the best or most polished games, but hey, there’s nothing else to play, so you sink huge amounts of time into them. You master their intricacies and learn to appreciate them warts and all, something you wouldn’t bother to do with most games that come out later in a console’s lifespan. Would I have even bothered to grab personal favorites like Pilotwings, Motorstorm, Wave Race, TimeSplitters or Luigi’s Mansion if I hadn’t picked up their respective consoles at launch? Probably not. Yeah, the Xbox One and PS4 launch line-ups may not seem terribly exciting, but you might learn to love some of those games.

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