5 Reasons The New DC Logo Is Awful, Awful, Awful

01.20.12 6 years ago 12 Comments
Go ahead. Look at that thing. Look at it. And then ask yourself what we’ve been asking since we looked at the thing: what in God’s name was the marketing department even thinking?

We could go into all the reasons we think this logo is awful. But that would be obscure, nerdy, and pedantic.

Oh, wait. We are! To the Snarkmobile!

#5) It’s Completely Unrecognizable

DC “rebooted” its logo a few years back and, while it wasn’t perfect, it was at least recognizable as the DC comics logo. You saw that out of the corner of your eye, you thought “Oh, yeah, that’s DC Comics!”

You see this out of the corner of your eye, you think “Man, some jerk dogeared the new comics!”

#4) It’s Bland

This could be a comic book company logo. Or an energy drink company logo. Or an oil company logo. Or a logo for some tech startup nobody cares about. It’s so generic and typical of modern logo design it completely blends in with the pack.

#3) It Fails At What It’s Trying to Evoke

We know the “D” being peeled back is supposed invoke turning a page or opening a cover. Instead it invokes “peeling off an instant win sticker on a fast food label.”

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