50 Cent’s ‘Animal Ambition’s’ First-Week Sales Beats Projections, Still Pretty Abysmal

06.11.14 3 years ago 62 Comments
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Visits Citi Field

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The man responsible for consumers using record sales as a legit barometer for if an artist is hot or not has flopped, just like he knew he would.

50 Cent’s Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win sold a paltry 47,000 copies its first week out, a little better than the 35,000 number the independent release was projected to do. Still, the album landed at number six on the charts, right behind Now That’s What I Call Music #50. Needless to say (but we will anyway), it’s Curtis’ lowest first-week album sales ever.

Imagine what the numbers would be without the Slowbucks beef, G-Unit reunion, Beyonce namedrop, domestic drama, funny Instagram vids, Mets first pitch, Steve Stout beef and his TV appearances.

On the upside, Fif’s POWER show got some pretty good ratings, netting over 2.6 million viewers its premiere night. So at least he’s still got that going for him.

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