The iPod Shuffle – 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks’ “Victory (Freestyle)”

05.03.13 4 years ago 16 Comments

No human being will ever put “Victory” in a body bag the way Frank White did, especially with his first verse. But Lloyd Banks came near the ballpark. The record remains a classic for three reasons.

1. 50, in 2004, was at the peak of his powers. And his intro verse was the perfect set up for Banks, one of the premiere “punchline” rappers during an age when a high quality punchline meant damn near everything in rap.

2. Who gives a shit if it’s a “freestyle” or not? Had TSS been around in 2004, Lloyd Banks would’ve hands down had a Notable Quotable on his hands. I would’ve fought Gotty to the death to make sure. It’s also one of the signature verses to arise during the early Internet era and if not the most recognizable track from Banks’ catalog, it’s damn sure top three.

3. This may not be a reason in the literal sense to some, but *ahem*…

“I got a industry gangstress, that argues, and steams the reefer
And flip when I call her bitch, like she Queen Latifah
Now all the vehicles is long enough to stash the street sweeper
This shit can get uglier than the Master P sneaker…”


“You can’t tame Lloyd, we’re smoking by the big screen
Changing the channel, looks like I’m playing the Game Boy
I know the watch bothering your vision
But reach, and I put a dot on your head
Like it’s part of your religion…”

Tiger Woods calm fist pump

50 Cent & Lloyd Banks – “Victory” (Freestyle)

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