50 Cent Becomes Peacemaker & Problem-Solver With New Book

10.04.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

If you’re hindered by a certain problem that can’t seem to be shaken, wait it out. More than likely, 50 Cent will be there to solve it before you know. Yes, instead of limiting himself to simply helping Hot Rod, the rap mogul is now trying to solve all the world’s headaches and taking on a prominent issue among the youth – bullying – by penning a new novel.

In his upcoming semi-autobiographical book, Playground, the G-Unit chief tells the tale of a recovering bully named Butterball. From what Curtis has said, the purpose is to “show a kid who has become a bully — how and why that happened, and whether or not he can move past it.” Coming from a guy who once sent goons into DJ Khaled’s mother’s place of work to make threats, that’s pretty admirable. Next thing you know, he’ll be promoting the book outside Rikers, holding ‘Free Ja Rule’ signs. You know how 50 does, anything to refrain from dropping an album and watching it flop.

To read the first three chapters from Playground and become a true humanitarian like Curtis Jack, head over to EW. I’m assuming you’ll be alright without a thesaurus.

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