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03.09.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

Brett Favre’s Twitter was hacked earlier this week, prompting a statement from Favre’s representatives to ESPN explaining that the last actual message Favre sent out was on Sunday and that anything posted since then has been written by an imposter who gained access to the account probably because Favre set his password as havingfunoutthere.

5Chan: Haxored! LULZ U SOUR BRO?
Kunty2012: OWNDD! Now send dick pix 2 peter king
AnthonyShadead: send monster black cock pix from brett to pk
5Chan: Dunno. pk knows favre dick when he sees it
Kunty2012: ok. send 2 all justin bieber’s followers

– Rob Gronkowski made a YouTube video promoting himself for the cover of this year’s Madden game, because that always turns out well for those who get it. Nevertheless, the video touches on all the Gronk signatures: a Zubazkkake, high-level bro behavior featuring Gronk’s literal bros, bicep curls with a crutch, Ric Flair WOOOOOs and an apartment furnished by the Tommy Bahama catalog.

– Ndamukong Suh was ticketed for speeding in Portland yesterday, his second traffic incident in the last few months, which will do nothing to dispel the media narrative that Suh is a remorseless and uncontrollable menace out to slaughter the innocents and not send timely voicemails to Peter King when he should.

D.C. Sports Bog points out that NFL Shop is selling “Rav Socca” jerseys.

I hope for the same with Matt Forte, so foreigners might assume the Bears have a dead running back.

– Aaron Rodgers said that thinks Matt Flynn is capable of being a top-15 quarterback, a statement that people have jumped all over because it implies that Rodgers thinks Flynn’s absolute peak is slightly above the middle of the pack. Only time will tell whether dueling talk radio blowhards were right about this being HEINOUS DISRESPECT or TOADYING OVEREVALUATION. I’ll be rooting Flynn to be exactly the 15th best quarterback, so the result can be EERILY PRESCIENT.

– Didn’t get around to doing a Kill! Kill! Kill! post for this week, but I was going to use this clip of lions killing an elephant. Sure, I used a lion clip in last week’s kill post, but then a lion did pee on Ochocinco last week, so I feel the jungle king has earned an extended stay.

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