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06.15.10 7 years ago 38 Comments

Kristal Solis

ESPN Coming To Xbox 360 [The Koalition]

Sir Charles Wants To Be Your Next GM [With Leather]

The Imports: Non-American Black Music Acts [Black Voices]

Everything You Need to Know About Kevin Costner’s Miraculous Oil-Cleaning Machine [Gawker]

Teacher Fired for Getting Knocked Up Prior to Her Wedding [Straight From The A]

Jack Nicholson Totally Looks Like Mr. Krabs Without His Shell [Totally Looks Like…]

The Top 15 Android Phones Available Now [Complex]

World Naked Bike Ride Girls 2010 [Coed]

Does Your Neighborhood Need An Adults-Only Swimming Pool? [The Consumerist]

Gucci Mane Preps For Release Of iPhone App [HHW]

Dr. Murray Keeps His Medical License [TMZ]

Celebrity Feet: Carmelo Anthony, Fat Joe, Cassie, & More @ The Puerto Rican Day Parade [Sneaker News]

Ten Famous Women Who Might Be Men [Boondocks Bootleg]

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