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claudia nelson

Claudia Nelson

Xbox Music Now Available On The Web, And It Doesn’t Need To Make Money [Huff Post]

10 Great Ways Musicians Are Using Instagram Video [Hypebot]

Killer Mike Says “Nah” To Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” Download [HHDX]

Marijuana Sees Increased Exposure On Television Shows [High Roulette]

Shocking Video Surfaces Of Police Shooting Dog After They Arrest Its Owner [The Urban Daily]

3 Things 2 Know When: Dealing With Officer Friendly [Hail Mary Jane]

CNN Wastes Air Time On “N-Word Vs. Cracker” Debate [Hip-Hop Wired]

10 Biggest NBA Draft Busts Since 2000 [Giant]

Former Tiffany Exec Arrested for Stealing F*ckload of Brilliant Jewels [Gawker]

Bally Total Fitness Gym Sued For “Hazardous” Amounts Of Sperm (NSFW) [Peeperz]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Cast Its Next Major Character, Red Viper [Warming Glow]

A Look Back At Our Exclusive ‘White House Down’ Storyboards [Film Drunk]

13 People Who Think Watching Porn in Public is Totally Fine [College Humor]

The Best Movies on Netflix Watch Instantly Released Since 2012 [Pajiba]

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