Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Test Your Knowledge On These Lovely 80’s And 90’s Film Alphabets

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12.30.11 14 Comments

On Fridays freelance designer Stephen Wildish contributes to his Friday Project: “A project to create something witty or pretty for a Friday.” The collection is must check out for pop culture/internet enthusiasts. His masterful venn diagrams humble the hell out of me and I consider his “Kim Jong Il’s Golfing Career” illustration from last week the definitive KJI internet tribute.

For the holidays Wildish has treated us to a bonus two-fer: illustrated “test your knowledge” film alphabets from the back-to-back decades that molded you into the person you are today, for better or for worse. Answer keys aren’t available as far as I can tell but if you fail to identify 75% then we’re no longer friends. That being said, I could use some help with the Vs. I’m sure I’ll feel like an idiot once they’re identified, especially if they have “vagina” in the title, because my “vagina expert” t-shirt will be rendered completely obsolete.

Full versions after the jump. You can buy prints here.

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