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11.27.09 10 Comments

     Starring Adam Sandler with commentary by Parker Lewis?   Sign me up.

Since Black Friday is today, I thought I’d show you some items to avoid buying for your loved ones.  Most of these are classic sci-fi movies, but I’ve thrown in a few extras that were too good to leave out.

The I Am Legend bootleg is a masterpiece.  The bar code is for the French release of Raw Deal starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The special features box was taken from the DVD for Boston Strangler: The Untold Story or Bundy: An American Icon or Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck (I’m sensing a theme here), all written/directed by Michael Feifer and starring Corin Nemic.  The cast list is for the Steven Seagal film Fire Down Below, except they’ve changed Harry Dean Stanton’s first name to “Happy”.  A nice editorial choice, I must say.  And don’t forget, color fidelity is vidrant, boom explodey push-shove battle wish, and Dolby is both subtle and aggressive.

[Thanks to engrish and supertremendous for finding about half of these.]

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