A Game Of Modest Hype And Consequence

12.06.10 7 years ago 19 Comments

Considering ESPN couldn’t even hide its contempt for having to broadcast Niners-Cardinals last week, it’s a week and a half of nonstop build up for this game. The Jets took the first meeting in September, but truth be told, that’s probably the most impressive the Jets have looked so far this season. Style points don’t matter so long as you get to 9-2, but it just seems like the Pats have been playing better overall the last two months.

With Randy Moss no longer a Greatriot, it’s unclear just who Darrelle Revis will cover, let alone accuse of being a slouch once he shuts them down. The Pats have been mostly content lately to spread it around to Welkah, Jewkah, Woodhead, token dahhhkie Branch and their small armada of pass catching tight ends.

No doubt Bill Belichick is already on top of it, but I think I stumbled onto Rex’s pussytubing signal during the game against the Bengals on Thanksgiving. Looks like he’s calling for an aggressive tubing on that one.

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