A GG Allin-Loving Comedian Got Booked On Multiple Local News Shows By Posing As A Chef

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03.03.14 2 Comments

fake chef

I imagine the screening process of getting booked on a morning news show consists of two questions: 1) Do you drool when you talk?, and b) Please don’t take out your wang on live TV. And that second one is more of a suggestion. Anyway, as long you look like you belong on morning news, you’re gonna be on morning news. Like Nick Prueher. He is a comedian and co-founder of the Found Footage Festival. He is not a chef. But he made “five disastrous TV appearances” posing as a chef, all because he didn’t take his wang out.

That’s why there are sadly few clips of GG Allin, who Prueher mentions, on Good Morning Boise.

Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival posed Prueher as an fictional TV chef named Chef Keith and attempted to get him booked on local morning news shows in the Midwest. The result was five disastrous TV appearances. (Via)

Producers were doubly impressed when he brought his own hat.

Via Reddit

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