A KSK EKSKLUSIVE! Haley And Pioli Not On Speaking Terms

12.16.09 8 years ago 49 Comments


Yes, once again it’s time for us folk at KSK to regale you, the reader, with something as close to approximating news as we get. Now, you know how this works out. We were the ones who tricked you into thinking Brady was retiring. We were the ones who told you TO was spotted at the Nashville airport. So, as you can see, our record in actual reporting is SPOTLESS, certainly better than Mort’s, that’s for damn sure.

Anyway, a reader emailed us with a tip. Who is this source? What kind of credibility does this source have? Uhhhh… I dunno. It was just an email. But it was JUICY! And therefore, it automatically qualifies as credible news around these parts. Here’s the scoop from Anonymous:

I have it on pretty good sources well within the Chiefs organization that Todd Haley and Scott Pioli have not said one word to each other in almost 7 weeks. I think he may need inclusion on the Fire this Asshole list. I’m sure as a first time head coach, part of his contract had pretty easy out clauses for the Chiefs if it wasn’t working out.

(Camaro door flies open)

Todd Haley: What are you saying? You saying I need to talk to my GM? You saying Todd Haley has a boss? Todd Haley HAS NO FUCKING BOSS. No one tells him what to do or where to go. YOU READ ME? I call the shots here. You don’t like the way I do things, son, THEN YOU CAN GET THE FUCK OUT. I win with you. I win without you.

(flips sunglasses back down)

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