A Man Who Made An Iron Man Costume For Halloween Now Visits Children’s Hospitals In It

Senior Pop Culture Editor
06.08.13 6 Comments

“Real-life superhero” Robert Downey Jr. has some competition in the heroism game, from a character that’s made him approximately $700 billion. Yesterday, Redditor “gr8whtd0pe” uploaded a series of photos showing a friend of his who “made an Iron Man costume. Was originally for Halloween, now visits children’s hospitals and other events.”

Other events apparently include going to Victoria’s Secrets, but yeah, also children’s hospitals. According to the man of iron himself, C. Rob Cosplay (such a coincide that he became a cosplayer, kind of like someone becoming a janitor when their last name is Janitor), “I hope I can entertain you at least a little to keep you around…and I will say that if I do ever receive a C&D letter from Disney…I will proudly frame it and hang it on my wall, lol…until then though, I will keep doing what im doing, sharing with all of you lovely people, and hopefully making a LOT of kids lives a little bit brighter!!!!! Welcome again, and I hope you stay a while!!!” Iron Man loves his exclamation points.

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