A Redshirt is Profiled, the Ship is Detailed and Ridley Scott is Fawned Over in 3 New Prometheus Featurettes

05.29.12 5 years ago

Well, we took a bit of a long weekend here at GammaSquad and wouldn’t you know it, a bunch of new Prometheus featurettes went and piled up. It almost feels like I’ve watched an entire movie’s worth of Prometheus trailers, clips, featurettes and teasers at this point, and frankly I’m starting to get a pretty serious case of cinematic blue balls. June 8th can’t come (heh) soon enough.
Anyways, hit the jump for three new Prometheus featurettes, each of which, of course, has juuuust enough new footage to keep you titillated…

via Coming Soon

Oh, Prometheus, you goddamn tease. If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the backyard making my own Prometheus space ship out of cardboard boxes.

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