A Rube Goldberg Game Show Judged By The Mythbusters?

Entertainment Editor

Rube Goldberg contraptions — like the one in OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” video and Purdue University’s world record holding one — are undeniably awesome. Don’t even try to deny it; we’ve heard trying it will cause diseases normally found only in walruses. Speaking of walruses, Discovery channel has greenlighted a new series from walrus-impersonator Jamie Hyneman and Gollum-impersonator Adam Savage of Mythbusters.

Unchained Reaction will challenge two teams to compete to build an “elaborate chain reaction contraption on a massive scale” over the course of five days, starting with the same tools and materials and sticking with a specific theme. The teams will be from many backgrounds (“artists, rocket scientists, animatronic specialists, engineers and even your average Joes”), and their final “chain reaction contraption” will be judged by Savage and Hyneman along with a different guest judge each week. The Discovery Channel commented, “refined mechanical movements, pyrotechnics and large-scale destruction are encouraged.” Hell yeah they are. Oh, they meant the show.

The six-part series will premiere on Discovery Channel this March. As for why it’s called Unchained Reaction instead of something invoking Rube Goldberg, some people might think that the term “Rube Goldberg machine” is already in the public domain, but that is, in fact, a myth:

[Image credits: Geekfeed, QuickLOL]

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