A Sexy Friday Tribute: They Called Him Adam Yauch, But He Was MCA

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05.04.12 84 Comments

I’m already preparing myself for a weekend of talking about high school memories that involved listening to the Beastie Boys and drinking St. Ide’s Special Brew, because that’s the first thing I thought about when news broke earlier that Adam Yauch, AKA MCA, passed away after his battle with cancer. Well that and the Beastie Boys ABA ringer t-shirt that I’ve held on to since high school. Without getting all in memoriam here – because I assume most people are already upset enough – I’ll just plainly say that this sucks.

And so I had this Sexy Friday ready, full of exotic, scantily-clad females with a creative little theme that I came up with the other day. I thought, “Yeah, the commenters at KSK are going to love this one!” But I decided it will have to wait until next Friday. Because even though this is a football blog, I write mostly about basketball at With Leather, and I decided that since MCA was such an avid basketball fan – he directed the documentary Gunnin’ for the #1 Spot – there was only one appropriate theme for Sexy Friday now.

As a tribute to Nathan Wind, Nathaniel Hornblower and a big New York Knicks fan, bring on the sexy Knicks girls.

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