A Simple Plea: Don’t Let Andy Reid Go To Arizona

01.02.13 5 years ago 26 Comments

Ever since the Eagles fell out of playoff contention and it became clear that Andy Reid would at long last be fired, the team most frequently rumored to be the next destination for Andy was the San Diego Chargers. With apologies to Chargers fans wishing to avoid more years of torment via retread head coach incompetence, that was great news to the rest of us. Great chance schadenfreude ahead. Reid to the Chargers made so much sense on both ends that it’s a tragedy that it appears as though it won’t happen now.

At this point, reports are conflicting about how likely it is that Andy Reid will indeed be the next coach of the Cardinals, let me just say that if it does in fact happen, I will be disappointed that we missed out on the best scenario for laughing at Andy Reid.

I will grant that the reports that Reid believes, and plans to sell the Cards on the idea, that he can transform one of his former draft picks, Kevin Kolb, into a quality quarterback has potential for hilarity. Beyond that, however, it’s a bit of a letdown. In departing Philadelphia for Arizona, Reid goes from answering to one of the more toxic, hateful, impatient fan bases in the NFL to one of the more apathetic and conditioned for failure.

Andy Reid may very well transform the Cardinals into a consistently competitive, if not altogether contending, team. That’s his forte. By the standards of Arizona, that will be hailed as an immense triumph. To be fair, if you’re just talking championships, Eagles fans have little right to feel more entitled to victory than Cardinals fans. But they just are. Ken Whisenhunt was fired even though he was the most successful coach in the Arizona’s pathetic history. He was still under .500 in the regular season. His home would have had bomb threats if he coached in Philly. Instead, his was a fairly quiet albeit humbling departure.

Should Andy Reid put together a few 10-6 seasons in a row, even if those seasons end with immediate and embarrassing playoff defeats, he will be seen as a savior of a once again foundering franchise. If Reid flames out from the start and gets fired again within three years, well, the reasoning will go, it was the Arizona Cardinals. What can you do?

Therefore I beseech Andy Reid to listen to reason and go to a place where the potential for our cruel delight in his failures can be maximized.

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