A superhuman effort from Prince kept this from being the worst Vikings song of all time

01.22.10 8 years ago 65 Comments

If you are a fan of pudgy white people dancing awkwardly, hoo boy do we have a treat for you. This awful trainwreck by “TJazzy1” will do nothing to dispel any sterotypes of Vikings fans. What’s worse is that while Fat Hump Shoe Guy and the Wannabe Pimp of New Orleans were only embarrassing themselves, this guy is dragging his whole family into this hot crazy mess. When you’re ready, push play—but you’ve been warned…

0:07 – Remember this song that you kind of liked back in the 90s until it was in every other movie trailer?

0:11 – Vidya game Brett vs. Vidya Game Breesus—WHO YA GOT???

0:19 – Head-bobbin’ mom making the duckface.

– Right about now Damon Albarn is wishing he had gone to architecture school and never set foot into the music biz.

– These girls were probably roped into being in this video by their rat bastard father, so I will attempt to hold off making jokes at their expense.

0:26 – Um, did they make the hefty lass wear Saints colors?

0:30 – I’ll see your running man and raise you a wave.

0:33 – Wecomefromthelandoftheiceandsnowfromthemidnightsunwherethehotspringsblow

0:37 – Wait a Les Paul and a Stratocaster? This guy’s budget looks something like this: mortgage 15%, utilities 5%, food 12%, Guitars & Vikings jerseys- everything else.

0:43 – “I’m so hardcore, I use replica jerseys as throw pillows!”

0:56 – “Check out my daughter’s jailbait cleavage!”

0:58 – Is she wearing the witness relocation program sunglasses to conceal that fact that she’s too old to take part in this foolishness or is she just hoping to avoid being recognized?

1:10 – Randy only agreed to this gay ass shit because he thought he was going to get to dance with Rebecca. But her dad has been cockblocking him all day. He hates that asshole.

1:14 – Minnesota has given us some great bands, Hüsker Dü, the Replacements, and now– the Purple & Gold Church Basement Virgins… (formerly Just the Tip, formerly Mouse Rat).

1:22 – Easy flub, leave the low-hanging fruit to the commenters.

– “Tommy Kramer left this jacket in backseat of my Vega in 1978. Let’s just say ‘Two Minute Tommy’ lived up to his name.”

1:32 – Crap, Chris Hansen just knocked on my door.

1:48“Vikes’ll beat-choo!!!” ….and there’s your money quote.

1:58 – Dad made Shutter Shades wear the old Moss jersey that nobody else wanted because she forgot to put extra Miracle Whip on his Wonder Bread and Velveeta sandwich last night.

2:04 – This jerk spent the past 15 years hating Brett Favre’s guts, now he is perfectly content to kiss his ass and call it ice cream. Up yours, dude.

Just wow. Somewhere in suburban DC, Big Daddy Drew is biting his bottom lip, nodding his head and doing some serious chair dancing.

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