A Triptych Of Jon Gruden Awkwardness

11.17.10 7 years ago 27 Comments

Every Monday this season, I’ve made sure to record the dumbest quotes Jon Gruden has made in the booth. I’m not sure why I’m bothering. I might make a mix of them. I might just let the videos take up space on my hard drive. My life is consequential like that.

That said, as supremely annoying as Gruden is in the booth, I actually enjoy his weekly one-on-one sitdown with a star player that airs immediately before kick-off of MNF. It’s not that these segments are any more illuminating than any other pointless interview between a player and a talking head, but it is amusing to see Gruden completely (maybe too much) at ease with athletes.

I mean, you have to assume there’s some level of comfort given that he coached in NFL for however many years, but Gruden’s is such that he comes off as the affable drunk bachelor uncle who takes you aside at the family outing and asks you uncomfortable questions about your current girlfriend. That might be the only thing missing from these segments.

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