The iPod Shuffle: Aaliyah’s “I Care 4 U”

01.16.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Words By Preezy Da Kid

They say time heals all wounds, but even though it’s been nearly 12 years since Aaliyah’s been gone, we doubt the Hip-Hop community will ever get over losing one of its most beloved prematurely. Although she achieved so many milestones within her short time with us, she still had so much more to offer through her talent. So much potential and promise taken from us early and unexpectedly.

That’s one of the reasons her passing will always stick with me, as she was just starting to truly come into her own as vocalist and artist all around. The track “I Care 4 U” is a perfect example of her growth between One In A Million and her final studio album Aaliyah. Written by Missy Elliott and produced by Timbaland, the song holds special significance to many of her die-hard fans with her haunting vocals yearning for a love lost and is considered among her finest performances vocally.

Happy 35th birthday to Aaliyah Dana Haughton. We truly “Care 4 U” and you will forever be missed.

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