Top HS Recruit Aaron Gordon Apparently Likes To Dunk A Lot

09.12.12 5 years ago 22 Comments

Everybody meet Aaron Gordon, a 6’7″ high school senior out of San Jose, California. The boy can’t vote yet but he’s a top 5 recruit according to He’s also got plenty of Donkey Kong dunks for your viewing pleasure via this summer mixtape. Basketball nerds looking to venture past the hoopla can see he has some of range and slashing ability going for him as well.

He’s been getting his fair share of ties to Blake Griffin but, to me, the comparison seems entirely based off a vaguely shared appearance. There’s no doubting Gordon’s athleticism but, unless he grows and gains more muscle, he’ll probably be a 3 wherever he ends up in college. Either way I’m waiting to see how he’ll pan out next fall. Besides, Gordon’s peers could use a break as his poster fodder.

Spotted: Double Clutch

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