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03.08.12 6 years ago

The 3 Best DJing Apps Out Now |Smoking Section|

This Week in Posters and Publicity Stills |Film Drunk|

Patricia Heaton Makes A Staggering A$s Of Herself On Twitter |UPROXX|

Roger Sterling’s ‘Sterling Scooper’ Will Roam Your Hillsides With Fictional Ben & Jerry’s Goodness |UPROXX|

TV Network Power Rankings: What’s Their Greatest Season Ever? |Warming Glow|

Ten Jokes To Make About The Upcoming Hulk Hogan Sex Tape |With Leather|

Yabba Dabba Do You Want Dick Clark’s Flintstones House? |UPROXX|

Adidas Is Apparently Going After The Cowboy Demographic |With Leather|

‘Justified’ Discussion: The Two-Headed Snake of the Law |Warming Glow|

If ‘The Avengers’ Were More Like ‘Friends’: Now With Video |UPROXX|

Will You Be Buying Apple’s New, Improved iPad? |Smoking Section|

Peyton Manning Is a Great Tipper |The FW|

10 Tantalizing Cloud City Illusions |Buzzfeed|

The 9 Funniest Former ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents |HuffPost Comedy|

Haptic Thumbstick Videogame Controller Renders Rumble Obsolete |Technabob|

You’re the Vulgarian, You F*ck: Our Favorite Verbal Film Fights | The 2011 Fun Oscars |Pajiba|

Brazilian late-night shows are a far sight better than their American counterparts: Exhibit A |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: Alley-cat the kitten and Darwin the baby monkey play at The Nile River Camp in Bujagali, Uganda |via SayOMG|

Picture credits: Aaron Jasinski is selling prints of his works on Fab.com for the next day or so. [via]

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