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02.20.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

ABC is starting to promote its celebrity diving show that debuts next month. We already knew Ndamukong Suh was taking part, which is a good thing, because who knows who this Ndamukong Suy character is. Perhaps the clean-playing version of Suh? Either way, not very nice of ABC to flub the easier of his names to spell. Suh saved a fellow celebrity contestant’s life on the set of the show, for crying out loud, and that’s the thanks he gets? So way Suh ever does another good deed now.

Letter to the Washington Post from an idiot Redskins fan bristling at the damn PC police trying to change the name of his favorite football team. He writes, “In their honor, I suggest the new name of the local NFL team be the Washington Thinskins.” It’s a dumb pun, but I kind of like the idea of naming a team after sensitive people. The logo could be a society type getting offended by a remark at a cocktail party. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH THAT REALLY DUSTS MY DOILY!

— Chris Kluwe on the Nerdist podcast. Seems like an appropriate venue.

— For the first time, a female will take part in one of the NFL’s regional combines. She’s a kicker. I’m gonna try to resist making a reference to Dee Reynolds wearing a fake mustache.

— A worthy FJM-style takedown of a super trolly ESPN piece arguing that Roger Goodell “earned” every penny of the $29 million he made in 2011.

— Osi Umenyiora is engaged to a former Miss Universe. Safe to assume she’s got great onions.

— Very much off-topic, but this is how I assume every Giants fan talks. [via]

— The Dolphins are prepared to overpay for Mike Wallace, not quite as prepared to overpay for Greg Jennings.

— Dick LeBeau said the Steelers could have won the Super Bowl if it weren’t for injuries and a few bad breaks. That’s probably true of half the teams in the league, but only one of those teams is whining about it right now. So way to go, Stillers.

— Personnel people are reportedly upset with Matt Barkley. Noooo, I want him taken high. That maximizes the USC quarterback bust hilarity!

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