Abortion Fuel: Matty Ice vs. Tyler Thigpen. WHO YA GOT?

09.19.08 9 years ago 20 Comments

When I first looked over the schedule a couple months ago, this game stuck out as being the most lackluster of the entire season. And, now that Kansas City has announced its going with Tyler Thigpen as their starter, it’s gotten even lackluster…er. Surely, one could posit a decent argument that the Rams and the Koren Robinson/Keary Colbert-led Seahawks could be just as dismal an affair this week, I’m sticking to my guns and breaking down the matchup that just might make you reassess this funny little obsession you have with breathing.


Matt Ryan_______________Tyler Thigpen


Boston College___________Coastal Carolina


Lost to Maryland senior year__________Bad enough to be released by the Vikings

Name Evokes

A Tom Clancy protagonist_________I don’t know. Yancey Thigpen? Bobby Thigpen?

Nagging Questions

Can he ever replace Mike Vick?_________You mean other than “why is there a skeleton on his dick?

Favorite Music

Coldplay and Goo Goo Dolls, some Dave Matthews, and a little bit of rap.“_____”Skeletons of Society

Explained By


How You Know He’s Lame?

I mean, fuck, look at him________________Middle name is Beckham

Finishing Move

ATLians still dislike him______________Doesn’t finish game

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