Abstinence Bowl I: Where Everyone Already Has Rings Coming In

11.22.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

This rivalry was a lot more entertaining when the Broncos still had Cutlersulker. It also helped when at least one of these teams had a winning record.

The frustrating continued competence of Kyle Orton prevents us from having the two most abstinence friendly quarterbacks in the NFL having a true battle tonight. Tim Tebow did throw his first career touchdown last week in the Broncos ragetrolling of Todd Haley, so that might encourage Josh McDaniels to foolishly try more Tebow passing plays.

The Chargers are without Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews tonight, but Marmalard does get Malcom Floyd back. Not that it matters all that much, as Rivers and Peyton Manning are squaring off to be the most fluffed quarterbacks in the league this week by dint of succeeding with an array of previously unheard of receivers.

And don’t be a Peter Downer – be sure to check out this morning’s Designed Rush feature.

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