Colin Kaepernick disrespects the game of football with backwards hat, could use a history lesson

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I didnt even watch most of yesterdays 49ers Panthers “Football” game. I’ve seen enough from these two teams and specially these two Diva QBs to tell you how it panned out. One of them scored a touchdown and did his little dance then it basicaly turned into “You Got Served” while the other copied the original dance move then put a disrespectful slant on it. Am I getting close?

Sitting down to watch film of this matchup must of looked more like a No Limit artwork discography slideshow then actual football plays and formations,, and sure enough after the game San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Tattooneck literaly spat in the face of honorable 49ers Quaterbacks like Steve Young, Joe Montana and Tim Rattay by wearing his Ballcap sideways like a common criminal. Sure the 49ers won,, but I dont see them returning back up the coast with a victory from a educated city like Seattle with Russell Wilson who for all his fault’s is a respectful young man whose mild-mannered and inteligent. Wilson seems like a type guy who would always take his hat off NOT turn it sideways when in the presents of important people like newspaper reporters and there wives In My Opinion. But as for Colin Bratternick and Hat-ergate… theres a different slant on things per Sal Maionora, a nice young Italian reporter from Buffalo who correctly pointed out (in a tweet he has since deleted):

Kaepernick. Always so media friendly. Turn your cap around and act like a professional quarterback.

— Sal Maiorana (@salmaiorana) January 12, 2014

In the NFL, you expect more out of the Quarterback position. Your suppose to be a LEADER not a LOSER. Your suppose to have your act together, NOT your SISTER Act together. The NFL is a Quarterback driven league, NOT a Quarterback Drive-By league. Your suppose to be thinking more about getting a RING then blasting 2 CHAINZ while a hardworking reporter is trying to just do his job. Just suprised there’s not a black+mild wrapper hanging out of Rappernicks hat, because thats the type of High standard he’s apparently trying to hold himself to.

Attn: De’Sean Jackson,, Ive got a tip for you as to whom stole your money and guns- a HAT tip. He can plead the fifth all he wants but it looks more like hes been drinking it the way this guy stumbles out’ve bed and into his press conference. Consider the guy didnt really bother showing up on Sunday to help Joe Staley win, Id say he doesnt have a alibi either.

Quarterbacks need to be students of the Game, but Ballin’ Stacksernick has taken that to just download every copy of The Documentary in existence. Look at the honorable tradition of wearing leadership type headgear in the history of the NFL:

Tom Brady- note how he supports his neighbors. The whole worlds line up against the Boston underdog teams,, but Tom Terrific stands by the local boys of summer. This is also a subtle hint to Bob Kraft that the team should sign Pedroia to a 3 year deal at slot-receiver,, guarenteed 100 catch type production guy.

brady red sox hat

Aaron Rodgers- A little tip o’ the cap to the newsboy here. Also shades of Doug Fluties special teams prowess since you almost have to imagine hes listening to a little Dropkick to get himself in a working mans mentality. Aarons had a interesting couple weeks but through his bluecollar headgear, he inspires your Donald Drivers, your Randall Cobbs, guys whod be lost at sea without there captain.


Big Ben- This is a risque move, and while Im a bit hesitant to say that Roethlisberger can “pull anything off” he comes pretty close since hes literally “Untouchable” in Pittsburgh. Bens seen promoting a look here thats harking back to the days of Tommy “Gun” Maddux. While this hat might be a little thuggish on the likes of a Newton or a Vick, the fact that Big Bens never been convicted of any of his violent criminal acts gives him a pass to wear it. Its ok to wear hats that criminals wore if Sean Connory has wore them to.


So Colin if your reading this (words go left to right top to botom, ICYM2nd through 12th grade) please do yourself a favor. Its a perception league and watching you verse Newton yesterday was enough blue verse red gang culture on the field,, lets leave the Crip-tinite out of the press room folks.

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