Ace Hood – “FYFR (F*** Your Favorite Rapper)”

01.12.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

ace hood fyfr fuck your favorite rapper

Ace Hood delivers one verbal slap down after another in “FYFR.” Then, he has to go and bring Biggie and Pac into it?! He sounds equally venomous and hungry, and nothing about this is fair to any other rapper. That “F*ck Your Favorite Rapper” couldn’t be more appropriate.

Khaled’s prodigy really gets some incredible beats handed to him, and The Renegades’ monstrous, thizz face-inducing beat is no different (wrong coast, sure, but it’s the face I made while listening to this). As he proves in this song, he’s very capable, and quite better than most people tend to give him credit for.

My calendar just got marked for January 17th, when Starvation 3 is supposed to come out.

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