Achievement Unlocked, Bears Fans: You Drank All Of Nashville’s Beer

11.06.12 5 years ago 19 Comments


Chicago fans came out in droves for the Bears reaming of the Titans on Sunday. Some estimated that Bears fans took up at least half of LP Field. That alone isn’t a noteworthy accomplishment, given the fact that the Titans were struggling underdogs and the NFL isn’t quite the cultural force in Nashville that it is in Chicago. What does deserve praise is that Bears fans drank almost all the beer in town before departing back to the Windy City.

After a 52-20 blowout by the Bears Sunday afternoon, Chicago fans took to the bars and establishments that dot Nashville’s Broadway and literally drank the city dry.

Establishments ran out of beer.

In the city where live music is accompanied by whiskey & rye, they apparently weren’t prepared for their beer drinking football fans from the north.

The Paradise Park Trailer Resort, for one, had no bottled beer left by dinner time Sunday. Whiskey Bent Saloon had two brands left.

Even though the shortage probably has something to do with Nashville being less of a traditionally beer drinking town than Chicago, I tip my drinking hat to you, Bears fans. Oh, wait, I don’t wear hats. Well, I make this groggy hat-tipping motion at you while holding eye contact too long.

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