Action Bronson – “Brunch” Video

06.27.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Action Bronson’s version of “Brunch” doesn’t involve eggs and orange juice. Instead, his mid-morning refreshment features a long drive upstate, unexplained body rolled up in a carpet like pigs-in-a-blanket with an assist from directors Tom Gould and Alexander Richter. You see, something bad went down for Bronsalino. So instead of enjoying the nice meal he’s preparing, he’s got to take a girl who’s shuffled off her mortal coil to a final, watery resting place. But it’s an enjoyable trip for us viewers tagging along for the ride, set to the strains of Tommy Mas’ guitar-laced instrumental, narrated by Action Bronson’s vivid punchlines. Bars come flying fast-and-furious here, all delivered with wit and flavor.

Plus, this sort of grisly job isn’t the norm for the man, “just a taste of the life like a September call-up.” So I can’t feel too bad about cracking up when he added a little hair to his close-shaved dome. It’s morbid, but damn funny regardless.

Dr. Lecter is available now on iTunes. And if you’re one of the few cats who still buy CD’s, Bronsalino’s ready to oblige you too.

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