Adam Carriker Displays Beefiness To Mock LaRon Landry

02.24.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

LaRon Landry was a wee bit miffed by the Internet’s reaction to his new-found extra swoleness, firing back with awesomely meat-headed statements like “Damn more men on my timeline than anything…didn’t know there parents raised them as females to hate/criticize another mans perfection.”

Lines like those were amusing enough on their own, but then likely soon-to-be former teammate and Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker tweeted this picture of Carriker mocking Landry’s recent poses in muscle shirts. It’s difficult to distill so much perfection into one image. Not just because the picture is hilarious to us and insulting to noted asswipe Landry. Oh no, it’s more than that. That Carriker’s handle is @BigPoppaPump94 and that his Twitter background still touts his Big XII bonafides from six years ago shouldn’t be overlooked. Get Brian Orakpo off those Geico commercials and let Carriker walk around in undersized shirts selling insurance to people.

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