Adam Orth, Always-On Evangelist, Leaves Microsoft

04.11.13 5 years ago 23 Comments
Man, that Twitter icon just gets creepier the bigger it gets.

Adam Orth recently experienced the rage of the entire Internet when he told people who didn’t want “always-on” consoles to just deal with it.

Thanks to that debacle, he now has to deal with being unemployed.

Game Informer broke the story in a far more neutral way than most of the gaming press:

Game Informer has learned from sources close to the matter that Orth is no longer with Microsoft. A call to Microsoft’s main switchboard confirmed this fact. Our sources, who wish to remain anonymous, suggest that Orth resigned in the wake of last week’s events. We haven’t been able to confirm whether this was a voluntary or forced resignation.

Of note is the fact that Orth could be see to be breaking a non-disclosure agreement with his tweets, although as we’re not lawyers for Microsoft, we’re not sure how strict those are.

This news comes on the heels of word that Microsoft is planning to tightly integrate the next Xbox and your cable subscription, just like we predicted. It will apparently have an HDMI in port so you can plug your cable box into your Xbox and have an Xbox “overlay” on your TV shows that lets you use the Kinect to control your cable box.

Well, if nothing else, it’ll be… different. As for Mr. Orth, while we think the point has been made, we’d imagine most people agree with Phil and Lem:

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