Adam Schefter Is Doing Jerry Richardson’s Bidding

11.11.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

ESPN’s reporting bot, Adam Schefter, uncorked an exclusive nugget early on Sunday: that the Panthers have been the target of Los Angeles overtures to court an NFL franchise to the City of Angels. Schefter cites an unnamed source for the scoop, but he might as well have called him J. Richardson. No, wait, that’s obvious. How about Jerry R.?

High-powered California political officials have been courting Carolina owner Jerry Richardson in the hopes of bringing the Panthers to Los Angeles with no luck to date, said one source familiar with the discussions.

That’s vague enough attribution to protect an owner who wants to say something without having the rest of the world know that he’s saying it. Much better than “said one source familiar with insulting star quarterbacks during the lockout.”

Richardson has been polite and steadfast that he is committed to Charlotte and is not moving the Panthers.

Not just polite and steadfast, but downright altruistic. Will “saintly” pass the copy desk unedited?

The only scenario in which he would listen would be if Charlotte balked at helping him with some of the stadium renovations the Panthers have been seeking.

Aaaaaannnndddd there it is. The entire reason why this article was written. Jerry Richardson wants money for renovations for Bank of America Stadium, but he doesn’t want to be the one to announce that he’s threatening to move if he doesn’t get what he wants. Instead, he anonymously plants the idea in the news and has a reporter couch the dynamic as Richardson being forced to accept L.A.’s overwhelming generosity because Charlotte wouldn’t match it. All he made to do was promise Schefter an exclusive.

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