Adam Schefter Tweets the Arrival Tim Tebow

07.26.11 6 years ago 49 Comments

AdamSchefter Tebow would have been there before 8, but that old lady looked like she needed a hand crossing the street.

AdamSchefter He also picked up trash and found a lost dog while waiting for them to unlock the gates.

AdamSchefter Tebow’s posture perhaps straighter than ever before.

AdamSchefter Early arrival may have something to do with putting personalized welcome baskets in each teammate’s locker.

AdamSchefter Maybe it’s just the early morning light, but he also seemed to be… glowing. Dare I say angelic?

AdamSchefter Sack of apples in Tebow’s right hand reportedly for rookies and UFAs.

AdamSchefter Tebow’s athletic shorts worn precisely one-quarter inch ABOVE his waist. A pleasure to see.

AdamSchefter First order of Te-business: complete construction on team rectory.

AdamSchefter I’m told he talked one woman out of an abortion on the drive over.

AdamSchefter Two Broncos coaches confirm: “no chance in hell” Tebow starts a game this year.

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