A.Dd+ – “Can’t Come Down” Video

03.27.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Vivid storytelling can take a person a mighty-long way in rap. Just ask Slick Rick or travel down the rabbit hole that is Biggie Smalls’ catalog.

Not to be mistaken for either artist, Dallas MCs A.Dd+ appear to embrace the tactic as well garnering a wave of support via the underground scene. The Dallas Observer said of members Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun, “There’s something really special about what’s happening in the Dallas underground hip-hop scene at the moment — and A.Dd+… are a major part of that.”

As for their appropriately-titled “Can’t Come Down” visual, X, The Misfit’s production helps carry Gravy’s dream-like narrative, one that finds the artists broke and desolate at the onset. Weed’s the crutch that keeps him from getting the gig. But, it doesn’t seem like A.Dd+ should fret about punching a clock for the man as long as their musical output remains at this level.

The record is found on the group’s DiveHiFlyLo: Every Man Is King project. Do like I did and free yourself from ignorance. Because with Dirk and the Mavericks fighting for their playoff lives and the Cowboys being the depressing embarrassment they’ve been for nearly 20 years, Slim and Paris are proving modern-day Dallas is home to more newsmakers than merely the gridiron and hardwood.

The South still has something to say.

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