Adele Does Paris In Black & White For “Someone Like You” Video

09.30.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

If ever a song didn’t require a video, it would be Adele’s “Someone Like You.” When she sings, listener’s minds do more than enough to create a personal vision of who’s she’s singing about. It’s us. She made this song for us and we share the song with her. But if ever a video matched the tone of a song, it would be Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Lonely streets and solitude. Empty bridges and loves lost or left behind. Black and white film.

The song speaks to one of life’s most simple, yet complicated interactions. Love and its benefits produce a lifetime worth of memories and legacies. Heartbreak, however, spawns music like this; the game of give and take we’ve all found ourselves in with someone we consider more than a friend. “Someone Like You” is the anthem for anyone who got away. That person who will always define a period of your life, good or bad. I can’t envision a day when this song ever wears out its welcome.

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