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The Problem: I cannot walkrun on the treadmill.

My daily exercise is always referred to as a walkrun because my mood depends on whether I’ll be walking or running. Usually, the distance varies, too, between 1.5 to 3.2 miles, but that’s more dependent on how much time I have than my actual mood.

But either way, I can’t do my walkrun inside. Staying in one spot, never actually making progress, just doesn’t satisfy me mentally, because exercise for me is also a break for my brain. It means I get away from my screens and any connections to people. In exchange, the outdoors become my space. The changing scenery – usually accompanied by whatever music I’m sampling that day – keep my mind off the fact that my tar-coated lungs are wheezing yet fully enjoying the intake of fresh oxygen.

However, during the fall and winter, those walkruns are a pain. There’s the time spent layering up then going out to face the biting cold. To put it politely, the outdoors and Mother Nature combine to try to force me into abandoning my routine.

The Solution: adidas Climawarm+ Training Collection.

I believe a Stripes employee must have heard my groans about these winter wars and decided I’d be a good candidate to test their “warmest apparel ever.”

“As adidas’ warmest apparel ever, Climawarm+ allows athletes to focus on performing at their best while staying warm. Developed by ait (adidas Innovation Team), Climawarm+ utilizes technology that mimics the hollow fibers of a polar bear’s fur to provide athletes with increased warmth, excellent moisture management and enhanced movement.”

A box showed up a few weeks ago containing the Climawarm fleece hoodie and training pants. First things first, they don’t look or feel particularly warm. Both pieces are 95 percent polyester – which made me think of old players from the late ’80s/early ’90s – and 5 percent elastane fleece. It’s that 5 percent fleece that makes a world of difference in terms of creating warmth and keeping it in. That “mimics a polar bear’s fur” spiel is real. And for above freezing weather, they held up fine for me and eliminated the need to wear multiple layers.

Check out the pieces in the photos below and for more info visit





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