Aer – “Take It Wrong” Video

04.19.13 4 years ago

One of the hardest parts about being an emerging artist would have to be the touring. Yet, when you think how grueling moving state to state, crammed in small vehicles and functioning off next to no nourishment would be, that wear & tear still seems justified after watching Aer’s video for “Take It Wrong.” To provide fans with a glimpse inside their recent tour with Hoodie Allen, Carter & David documented stops in some of their favorite cities across the country, ranging anywhere from San Diego, CA to Lawrence, KS. The resulting visual is both lighthearted and entertaining, delivering enough outdoors enlightenment to make you hit up Delta and start booking a flight somewhere cooler than your living room.

Or, if you’re not papered enough to jet set to the sun, just dive into Aer’s Strangers EP, which is currently available on Soundcloud.

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