AFC Divisional Round Bloodbath Is Set

01.09.11 7 years ago 35 Comments

Keyshawn and the ESPN crew won’t be able to ruin this moment until next season

Joe Flacco finally posted a halfway competent outing in a playoff game. It helps when the opposition neglects to cover the entire middle of the field. Nevertheless, good on you, Unibrow. Glad you were able to build confidence early with crisp intentional groundings to the sideline net.

And someone tell Ray Rice that it’s only worthwhile to steal LaToeInjury’s touchdown celebration if you’re playing his team and taunting him. Otherwise you’re just a rank BITERRRRRRR.

And now Kansas City closes in on two full decades without a playoff win and the shame of trying to determine what exactly this rotund creature should be called and, moreover, how to appease it before it consumes us all.

Meanwhile the Jets and Ravens advance to play teams with an overwhelming recent history of ownage against them. Hope you’re ready for the hate to overfloweth this week.

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