Air Bender, Starfish Hitler, and Links

07.07.10 7 years ago

Chodin demonstrates, through photoshop, that Taylor Lautner’s abs make everything better [Uproxx]

Remember the holy crap lightsaber from Wicked Lasers? George Lucas is not amused. They will suffer for this outrage. [Filmdrunk]

Arrested Development as an action movie. [WarmingGlow]

World Cup souvenir made out of cocaine [WithLeather]

I condone anything that says F- you to Radio Shack. [KissingSuzyKolber]

Lindsay Lohan goes to jail, DMX gets out [TheSmokingSection]

This realistic mask is more than a little creepy [Guyism]

15 Crazy People In Public Places (video gallery) [CollegeHumor]

Back From the Dead: Shows We Want Revived [TVSquad]

If Twilight were made for straight guys [NextRound]

Kate Beaton’s Aquaman To Be Auctioned for Oil Spill [ComicsAlliance]

This cat probably loves Starfish Hitler. [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: “Introducing the greatest supervillain of all time: Starfish Hitler” [via WTFJapanSeriously]

[Thanks to Stone Soup for the banner pic.]

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