Coming Attractions: Air Jordan 9 & Jordan 1 ‘Barons’

03.28.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Words By Retro Boogie

This is probably the only time the Birmingham Barons ever get some shine in the sneaker game.

While Michael Jordan retired the first time to ‘Bama and the rest of the NBA played for the asterisk championships, His Airness had a terrible transition to baseball. These pairs of Air Jordan 9 and 1 ‘Birmingham Barons’ will serve as a reminder not just to MJ but to the rest of the world that hey, it’s okay to stay the hell in your own lane. And for those NBA history buffs/conspiracy theorists, the 9s + 1s = 10, the shoe that released during his retirement in a very similar color scheme. We see what you did there, Jordan Brand.

Much like the Infrared 3s, the colors are subtle enough to give that OG feel but has just enough individual character to stand out on their own. That 45 on the heel of the 9s is so ill. It wasn’t that long ago when the sneaker world went apeshit over the 11s with the same number on the heel. Another duo of dope Js that will pretty much match anything in the closet, with a subtle tip of the hat to Jordan’s failed baseball career in the pinstriped sockliner. The 1s might be a little too simple for some folks, but sometimes less is more. Plus they’re rocking with a lower price tag. These days $170 is pretty steep. Be happy that these aren’t dropping in a pack, because otherwise tough decisions will have to be made.

The Air Jordan 9 Retro and Retro 1 ‘Birmingham Barons’ drop on April 5th.

Air Jordan 9 Barons 1

Air Jordan 9 Barons 2

Air Jordan 9 Barons 3

Air Jordan 1 Barons 2

Air Jordan 1 Barons 3

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