Albert Haynesworth Is Calling In Sick

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Fat Albert appeared on 106.7 The Fan’s Kevin And Rock Show to clear some things up, primarily that he was not hungover during Friday’s practice, and that he’s here to play football. The transcribed quotes come from SBN’s Mike Prada.


“It’s too much stuff going on right now, too much stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with football going on. It’s just ridiculous. Let’s just concentrate on playing football, because this is what we’re paid to do, and win games. “I hope it’s what everyone else wants, but it’s just all the other kid games that’s going on that’s making me sick. I’m sick about it.”

He’s so goddamn sick about it that he’s decided to not show up for work today.

“I’m not going into the office tomorrow. I’m still heated over this. I just got sick of it.”

Come on, guys. All he wants to do is concentrate on football, and he can’t do that if you keep pressuring him to show up on time and put forth a legitimate effort.

Haynesworth also commented on his teammates penchant for going to the media with their complaints, namely Philip Daniels.

“I think they’re cowards, and I think that if they have something to say, they should say it to my face, instead of being cowards and running to the media to try to blast me behind my back.”

He does have a bit of a point here. Redskins fans love to glorify the careers of our heroes, but how would Washington Post readers react if they saw quotes like these showing up in print back in the 80’s?

During one team meeting, the players heard a strange noise from inside the locker room, like the sound you hear when it just starts to pour rain. They glanced in the back and there was a groggy Riggins, lying on his back, his pants pulled down, peeing straight into the air all over himself. Gibbs and the poor coaching staff always looked the other way with Riggo, as long as he was coherent on Sundays, but this seemed a little much … and yet the coaching staff never did anything. “They always looked the other way with him,” said May. “It just wasn’t Gibbs’s nature to constantly battle with a player like that.”

Oh hell, they’d probably love it.

UPDATE: The Redskins suspended Haynesworth for the rest of the year. Mike Shanahan released the following statement.

“Despite the club’s numerous attempts to persuade Albert Haynesworth to abide by the terms of his contract, he has repeatedly refused to cooperate with our coaching staff in a variety of ways over an extended period of time. Among other things, he has consistently indicated to our defensive coaches that he refuses to play in our base defense or on first-down or second-down nickel situations. He has also refused to follow the instructions of our coaches both during weekly practices and during actual games as well.

“Yesterday, when Albert was at Redskin Park, he told our General Manager Bruce Allen that he [Haynesworth] would no longer speak with me. Although suspending any player is not a decision that a head coach enters into lightly, I believe the situation has reached the point where the club clearly has no alternative.”

That’ll teach him for granting an interview to the team’s rival radio station.

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