Alexandra Daddario Deserves An Emmy For Her Role In ‘True Detective’ Because Boobs

01.20.14 4 years ago 41 Comments

Alexandra Daddario True Detective HBO

1. True Detective is an incredible show. Yes, it’s only two episodes in, but it’s already proving to be one of the best series’ you’ll see all year. It’s got all the intrigue, twisted murders and great acting you could ever want.

2. Alexandra Daddario is an actress. She has to be good to land a role in such a great show. So the last thing we’d like to do is diminish her acting skills. Keep that in mind while we say this next part.

3. Sweet Baby Sham on a strawberry-flavored tricycle those tiddays! Daddario had a nude seen with Woody Harrelson and it’s already one of the greatest nude scenes of all time (which she called a “great challenge“). Can we get Bill Nye or someone to do a scientific analysis of how her breasticles are literally perfect? Because they are.

Just in case you don’t want to watch the actual show and just want the good parts, here are some pics from that already-iconic scene and some more to get you familiar with the newest entry into your “classified” folder. Everything’s SFW (but why are you at work on MLK Day anyway?)

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Alexandra Daddario True Detective lead

Alexandra Daddario True Detective 5

Alexandra Daddario True Detective 4

Alexandra Daddario True Detective 2

Alexandra Daddario True Detective 1

Alexandra Daddario True Detective 3

As for skin you’re looking for, that’s only one Google or reddit search away. Go forth and seek out your treasure! The rewards are worthy!

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