Alfred Morris Reunited with “Bentley,” Others Get Similar Car Love

10.14.13 4 years ago 34 Comments


Photo courtesy of Mazda. Ensuing reader flashbacks courtesy of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Bucking the trend of buying fancy rides upon entering the NFL, Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris has kept it simple. His daily driver is a 1991 Mazda 626 nicknamed “Bentley” despite signing a $2.2 million rookie contract. Mazda caught wind of his love for his car and decided to refurbish his vehicle back to factory freshness as best they could, including an engine tuneup and fixing a cracked dashboard. He’s set to receive his beloved this week to cruise the streets of DC in style.

Other automakers are seeing this as a way to gain unofficial endorsements, and are following suit by showing appreciation to current and past NFL players and coaches by doing similar acts of kindness. Here are a few more vehicles being handed back to their owners…


Ben Roethlisberger gets some PEW PEW love with his upgraded Jeep: Call of Duty Edition.

Now this guy... he's got taste

Jon Gruden received gold rims and pin-striping on his Ferrari in honor of his time with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Fresh 9V battery makes the horn go WOOOOOOOO

Eli Manning is happy to see that “Wheelie” is free of crayon marks and cookie crumbs.


Riley Cooper’s classic muscle got the General Lee treatment.

No seriously, where is he now?

This isn’t Lovie Smith’s SUV. We just wanted to let you know that we found him and his challenge flags.

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