‘Alien Anthology’ On Blu-ray…Took You Long Enough

10.20.10 7 years ago

When I first watched Ridley Scott’s original Alien film I was about six, maybe seven years old. Either way, I suppose my exact age isn’t really all that relevant to this story, because urine running down the leg of your sweatpants is urine running down the leg of your sweatpants regardless of how young or decrepit you may be. Well, the good news here is that now we can all finally break out our adult diapers together, as the entire Alien Anthology finally releases its slimy goodness on Blu-ray (Hallelujahhhh!). Just when you thought you’d gotten used to the salty burn of Ridley Scott’s acid-blooded, phallus-headed space dwellers, now they’re back louder and brighter than ever before.

The Alien Anthology truly goes above and beyond the call of duty, unlike that significant other you’ve had hanging around for the last three months. Fans will freak over this extensive 6-disc set featuring remastered versions of each film’s Theatrical and Special Editions, along with Director’s Cuts, never-before-seen footage, original musical scores, ice cream, balloons, feral otters and concept art. There is seriously too much content to mention all together, but head on over to Amazon and take a look at their extensive breakdown on each disc. We’re talking hours upon hours of deep space terror delivered like never before; alternate takes, design footage, etc. -I think Ridley Scott’s kitchen sink is in there too.
Just take a look at the comparison still above from Aliens-see that? That still on the left is what the movie industry refers to as “kinda’ crappy, hey can we get a f–king production assistant to grab me a sandwich?” -contrasted against the sexy slickness of the newest version [left]. I’m not real sure about the legalities involving hiring magical elves to sprinkle enchanted dust on old footage, but whoever they’re paying to remaster this footage has done an exceptional job. And I know an exceptional job when I see one, because I wear slap bracelets.

And while I hate to attach the cheesy “MUST OWN” clause to this, the Alien Anthology on Blue-ray really is something that every loyal fan should experience (or steal from a friend/family member). Literally, this will change your life the films have never been released with this much clarity before. With so much extra original content, interviews and production notes; it’s the closest we’ve gotten, thus far, to really doing H.G. Giger justice.
So sit back, relax, switch the cell phone to “OFF” and prepare yourself for the experience that is the Alien Anthology on Blue-ray. Be prepared to dive deep down the space age rabbit hole on this one, but let’s be honest, it sure beats watching that terrifying Friends Box Set again.

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