“All You Need Is Kill” Gets Boring New Title, Possibly Tom Cruise

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First things first: if you’re making a movie that sounds an awful lot like a cross between “Groundhog Day” and that Paul W.S. Anderson movie where Kurt Russell gets dumped on a junkyard planet, “All You Need Is Kill” is an awesome title. “We Mortals Are” is a pretentious, stupid one. Really, guys? It’s an action movie. A tired Shakespeare quote isn’t going to class up the proceedings.

Secondly, Tom Cruise is probably not a great choice, although I can understand seeing him getting blown up repeatedly would have a certain appeal.

Yep, Tom Cruise is currently circling Doug Liman’s attempt to get back into Hollywood’s good graces, although it’s uncertain whether he’ll commit to doing two futuristic action movies in a row. Although we kinda hope he does because…well…Tom Cruise getting blown up repeatedly.

[ via the Punxsutawny Phil fans at IndieWire ]

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