The Last Days Of Allen Iverson…

11.09.09 8 years ago 47 Comments

Look at that man and honestly tell you me didn’t expect more.

This prospective first-ballot Hall-of-Famer and all-around baller was once the one of the defining players among a generation of young, athletic NBA superstars. Ones who would usher in David Stern’s new look post-lockout NBA. Rocking an aura as big as his game, this undersized combo-guard had the drive and compassion to carry a notoriously lackluster team to the NBA playoffs year after aching year; achieving enough awards and Slam Magazine covers to make you remember their actually was life before LeBron. Plus, even with his well-publicized penchant for preposterous parking tickets and practice no-shows, AI had the respect of just about anyone who’d ever picked up a basketball.

And now that long-standing legacy is being flushed right down the porcelain.

As murmurs of an upcoming retirement round out the rumor mills nationwide, Iverson is letting every ounce of the credibility he worked so hard for, slip through his greedy-ass fingers. I know, at a ripe 36-years-young, retirement talks aren’t typically out of the question for guys who’ve got their best ball behind them. But in Allen’s case, it’s the way he’s been handling these usually revered golden days of League life.

First, after years of Steve-Yzerman-like loyalty to Philly, he openly demanded to be traded to a contender – which was warranted. Then, when the Denver experiment didn’t work out and he stopped facilitating the ball altogether, the longtime #3 was surprisingly traded again to my Detroit Pistons for their sky-highly-regarded player of the decade, Chauncey Billups. That was cool for about a week. In between double bets at Motor City Casino, the former shell of a player would hobble out of the locker room and pretend to care whenever he felt like it once every few weeks. Then, when we needed his veteran savvy the most come playoff time, the nightlife-loving narcissist and one-time Iron Man decided he wasn’t going to participate at all. Until, of course, the naive owners in Memphis decided they needed to sell some jerseys and inked Ivo for one…more…year. Undoubtedly instilling more reasons to hate everything and anything about the way Allen Iverson handles himself as a human being as far as 3.1 million inhabitants of the sports world are concerned.

At first, my hype-loving ignorance made me believe that – after numerous years of coming oh-so-close – maybe all those old knees actually wanted was a championship. Then, AKA Jewels carelessly ruined my team (alas, probably for the better…); does nothing but complain about minutes he doesn’t deserve and continues to piss away night-old VSOP onto any legacy he might’ve had going into that beautiful full-benefited sunset. And now, even if it is at the expense of every Grizzlies fan, all we want is for Allen Iverson to hang ’em up and quit bitching so we can get past the bullshit and begin to reminisce on when Allen’s antics were still fun.

Unfortunately, at this point, those good ol’ days seem quite a ways away.

Allen Iverson Contemplating Retirement? [NBC Sports]

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