Allow The Tea Party Insult Generator To Waste Several Hours Of Your Lives

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I’m not much of a political person, as the only parties that I adhere to involve the words “birthday” and “keg.” (YOLO, bro bros! Just kidding, I’m old.) However, I do know that the government shutdown is finally over and everyone in Washington DC is still pissed at each other, while this debt ceiling nonsense will only repeat itself all over again in a few months, and the guys who caused this whole shutdown have said they’re more than happy to do it again and again. Honestly, there have been Yankees-Red Sox fights with more class and maturity than this.

But because politics is a game of winners and losers (instead of elected officials serving the country) John Boehner has been receiving a lot of hate on his Facebook page for being the face of the so-called “losers.” Seriously, go check it out. People are ridiculously pissed at him and they’re not afraid to let him know it. Fortunately, that caused the folks at Cloture Club to invent the Tea Party Insult Generator, which uses actual insults posted on Boehner’s Facebook to develop brand new insults and keep America’s great political divide fresher than ever.

Here are some of my favorites


And they go on and on. Honestly, Tea Partiers shouldn’t be offended by this, because it’s saving them all time. Hell, I don’t involve myself in any party’s politics and I still kind of want to call someone a TREASONOUS FUCKTARDED LIBTARD MARXIST FUCKWIT. It’s just fun! U-S-A! U-S-A!


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