All’s Well With Warren G’s Junk

04.28.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Warren’s decided to regulate the rumors regarding potential peen problems after the penis pill ads from earlier in the week had everyone (read: no one) worrying. Fact is he actually owns shares in the company. Still, he offered up no explanation as to why he was in the shower with another man in one of the commercials.

“Warren G is pulling out of a claim he made on a penis pill commercial — that he personally uses the erectile dysfunction medication — telling TMZ, ‘A lot of people have that problem … but I don’t have it!’

Warren cops to using the Affirm XL “male enhancement” pill in a brand new commercial — in which he says, ‘I take MY Affirm XL and now I got to regulate’ …. but according to Warren G, the verbal endorsement was just for show.’

Warren — who’s also a partner in the male enhancement company — tells us, “The commercials are funny and I meant for it to be funny. This is not something that dictates who I am.” [TMZ]

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