Always Be Covering: On the Upswing

11.09.12 5 years ago 18 Comments

Last week: 4-1
Overall: 29-25-1

Nothing like a big week to give you a false sense of confidence.

Detroit Lions -2 vs. Minnesota Vikings

I guess that’s the sound you make when you find out the ban on gay marriage in Minnesota has been lifted. It’s also the sound Drew makes every time Christian Ponder completes a pass over ten yards. Also of note, the woman in the video is named Schwinghammer, which is definitely what I’m naming my next dog.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3 vs. San Diego Chargers

These seem like the kind of things that will be popular during the cooler months in central Florida.

New Orleans Saints +3 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Everyone is waiting for the Falcons to lose. This seems to be as likely a week as any. They’re on the road against a division opponent that can keep up with their offensive output. And hell, it’s the Falcons. They’re going to fuck this up at some point. Michael Turner has one foot in the running back grave, and Matty Ice is just dying to blow his chance at an MVP.

San Francisco 49ers -11.5 vs. St. Louis Rams

Not giving up any touchdowns is a surefire way to cover a double-digit spread. That Jim Harbaugh guy seems to have this thing figured out. But will he be goaded in to a fight with Cortland Finnegan? God willing.

Chicago Bears -1 vs. Houston Texans

Prop Bet of the Week: When will the Chiefs take their first lead?

1st Half Week 10 +200
2nd Half Week 10 +350
Week 11 -130
Week 12 or after +550

Eight games and the Chiefs haven’t led for a single fucking second. And you can actually get better than five-to-one odds that they’ll extend the streak for two more weeks?

Yeah, I just wanted more Jean Ralphio.

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